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  • 2017-12-11 13:12:15

    LAMBTON DOORS Participates in a Research Chair to Increase the Use of Wood Products

    Monday, December 11, 2017 – LAMBTON DOORS enthusiastically announces its participation in the NSERC/CANLAK Industrial Research Chair in Finishes for Interior Wood Products. Launched on Tuesday, March 28 at Université Laval in Quebec, this Research Chair consists of a unique industrial consortium led by CANLAK as the principal partner. LAMBTON DOORS joins Boa-Franc of Saint-Georges de Beauce, Inortech EMCO of Terrebonne and Canadel of Louiseville as supporting partners. From left to right:

  • 2016-12-05 16:47:02


    With a new 17,000 square foot addition to the factory we are gearing up for overall improvement with the ultimate goal of better serving our customers. Construction started in October and the final stages were completed several weeks ago and the new addition is ready. The next phase is the installation of our new high performance robotic equipment scheduled to be installed, tested and ready for full production by the first

  • 2016-11-28 09:05:11


    LAMBTON DOORS launched its NEW CORPORATE LOOK last week. Phase 2 of this marketing campaign is the launch of a new 2 minute corporate video. The video begins with presenting LAMBTON DOORS; followed by the 3 characteristic elements of our corporate signature: technology, design and environment: concluding with why LAMBTON DOORS is a top company of its industry. Click here to watch the video. Enjoy the experience!

  • 2016-11-18 10:15:21


      LAMBTON DOORS launches its NEW CORPORATE LOOK and over the next year we will be gradually updating our literature with the new logotype and corporate image. Our inspiration in developing this new CONTEMPORARY AND MODERN LOOK didn’t come easy. After investing much time studying our market we came up with our new LOOK. We are very proud to introduce it to our industry for the upcoming 2017 year! ICON & TYPOGRAPHY • Grey

  • 2015-08-06 14:46:14

    New TaTToo Door Series: Unique look, Distinctive Projects.

    The next baseball Stadium in Montreal could really blow away occupants and fans with its full-scale door face images of Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Warren Cromartie and maybe even Bill Spaceman Lee! Why not a nursery with baby and mother pictures on the door faces? You can also imagine an aquarium with full-size great white shark images on sequence doors! The creative possibilities are endless. Indeed, the new TaTToo Series by

  • 2015-04-02 15:30:26


    NOTICE REGARDING CORNER FLUSH BOLTS It is important to know that the adjacent door faces of corner flush bolts will tend to flare open with time. This situation is due to extremely weakened door faces by thinness in this area. Read more in our Technical Bulletin.

  • 2015-03-06 16:32:09

    AOI - 10 Years Of Business : Congratulations From Lambton!

    February 2015, Mike Bonaventura and Eric Weinstein are celebrating their ten years of business (Openings Architectural Inc.). Furthermore, Alex Irinyi celebrates ten years as a sales representative with AOI. Congratulations to all of you! We really appreciate your business in New Jersey and New York areas. Lambton Doors Team

  • 2015-02-19 10:13:15

    EDGEFENDER : The Impact-Resistant Door Edge Protector

    The impact-resistant door edge protector EDGEFENDER is indicated for heavy-traffic buildings, such as hospitals, hotels and schools. We know that a high percentage of damage to doors occurs on the door edges. We also know that a majority of people appreciate the inherent value and deep rich beauty of wood. That’s why LAMBTON DOORS offers solid wood interior doors with its EDGEFENDER option: the impact-resistant door edge protector. Read more.

  • 2014-10-16 10:44:08


    On Wednesday and Thursday October 22nd and 23rd LAMBTON DOORS will exhibit at GREENBUILD 2014 in New Orleans! While some of us will attend the Conference some other will be on the floor at the EXPO to meet you and answer all of your questions. Come and see us at booth 2239 !

  • 2014-07-14 10:44:05


    LAMBTON DOORS is pleased to announce the renewal of its National Partnership with AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) for the year 2014-2105. ‘‘ We know that AWMAC is essential to our business growth and development and we consider that AWMAC’s people are doing a great job on this one. ’’ said Marc Blain, V-P Operations & Sales at Lambton Doors while he was addressing to assembly during the AWMAC National Convention

Literature, veneers and finishing

This section introduces our range of standard veneers, along with explanations about our UV coating system, all our data sheets and technical brochures, some forms, complementary information and installation instructions. Choose the desired navigation pane to consult the documents of interest for your construction or architecture project.

You can also perform a search of doors and frames using the search tool on this Web page.



U.V. Finishing System

•  Characteristics equivalent to or better than AWI TR-8 and OP-8, new SYSTEM 9 according to AWS Edition 1-2009 for all our Door Series.

• Meet WDMA I.S.1A  Extra Heavy Duty Standard.

•  Semi-filled appearance.

•  Satin sheen between 30 to 35 degrees.

•  Roller coat system allowing stain to penetrate deep into the wood pores creating that deep rich look.

•  100% polyurethane solids, in comparison TR-2 catalyzed lacquer with 28% and TR-8 catalyzed polyurethane with 57%.

•  Environmentally safe, or green product (No Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC).

•  Non-yellowing formula stays clear.

•  A hard durable finish.

•  Solvent resistant.

•  Wear and moisture resistant.

•  Cold check resistant.

•  Impact resistant (1 lb. steel ball at 17 inches).

•  Print resistant.

•  Chemical resistant (most common chemicals found in homes or offices).

•  Automatic lifetime warranty.


19-Step Finish Process

1. Raw door face veneer and stiles are sanded with 180 grit paper.

2. Prior to stain or sealer application, a fine sanding with 220 grit paper through a high-precision electronic state-of-the-art wide belt sanding machine is performed.

3. Faces and stiles have water based stain applied with a direct and reverse roller coat system. Depending on desired color, two coats may be required.

4. Two separate brushes push the stain deep into the pores while wiping off excess stain.

5. Door travels through a 50-foot drying oven making product dry to the touch in minutes.

6. Top and bottom rails are sealed with polyurethane.

7. Stiles are machine sprayed with polyurethane.

8. A 100% solid polyurethane sealer is applied with a roller coat system on face.

9. Door travels through ultraviolet lite for curing.

10. A second 100% solid polyurethane sealer is applied with a roller coat system on face.

11. Door travels through ultraviolet lite for curing.

12. Opposite face of door passes through the same 1 thru 11 step process.

13. A final face sanding with 280 grit finishing paper is performed to ensure a smooth finish.

14. A first top coat of 100% solid polyurethane is applied with a roller coat system.

15. Door travels through ultraviolet lite for curing.

16. A final top coat of 100% solid polyurethane is applied with a roller coat system.

17. Door travels through ultraviolet lite for curing.

18. Opposite face of door passes through the same 13 thru 17 step process.

19. Door is inspected both sides for quality control.