Lifetime warranty

All LAMBTON DOORS wood doors and frames carry a lifetime warranty, as of the shipping date, against all manufacturing defects that could render them unserviceable or unsuitable for normal use.

Lifetime warranty against warp and show-through

This lifetime warranty also applies to warp and show-through of the doors.

The following features, among others, make this warranty possible:

  • LAMBTON DOORS exclusively offers maximum endurance wood doors with stiles and rails fully bonded to the core;
  • All our doors are fully calibrated;
  • We only use composite wood, such as Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL).

This warranty also applies to doors with bonded plastic laminate, doors with gloss or high gloss finish, and doors with dark or very dark stain.

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Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty certificate

Lifetime warranty certificate against warp and show-through of doors

What are warp and show-through of doors?