Lambton Doors’ Type D Blind Edge, Solid Hardwood Edge Option.

If you are looking for beauty, elegance and durability to complete your design of Commercial and Architectural Flush Wood Doors, look no further.  Specify Lambton Doors’ Blind Edge Option on your next architectural project.


An AWMAC/AWI Architectural Woodwork Standard Type D Edge, specify as follows:“Edges for veneered doors shall be Type D, constructed with 1” (25mm) of structural composite lumber laminated to 7/16” (11mm) of hardwood of the same species as face veneer.  Type B, wood veneer edges are not permitted. ”

Our Blind Edge is the perfect solution for Hospital Applications and High-Use areas.  Made from solid wood, it is elegant, durable and easily repairable in the field when compared with a Type B Veneered Edge Option.

For more information on this and other Lambton Doors products contact us at 1 800 463-3124 (CAN), 1 800 363-2248 (USA) or by e-mail at


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